Risk Based Data Management Solutions

The Ground Water Protection Council (GWPC) has assisted regulatory agencies at state and federal levels in their efforts to track data from oil, gas, and injection well operation and to manage environmental field observation and laboratory data since 1992. The GWPC's award-winning Risk Based Data Management System (RBDMS) Initiative provides analytical tools for overseeing source water protection; oil, gas, and water production and Underground Injection Control (UIC) program activities including hydraulic fracturing operations; and mined lands remediation. The use of non-proprietary software and its adaptability to serve variations in state regulatory programs has made RBDMS useful in assessing and reducing risk to underground sources of drinking water and providing data about oil and gas well locations, permitting, and production to industry and to the public through its Web interfaces. RBDMS has become a major outreach of the GWPC's focus on creating effective and efficient policies and environmental monitoring program improvements that participating state regulatory agencies can adapt to their local technical and statutory requirements.