Data Mining

Purpose and Use

The RBDMS Data Mining application integrates RBDMS data, GIS, and full-text searching in a public-facing Web. This integration has been found to be useful in multiple ways. For example, the Nebraska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission targets priority inspections by overlaying wellhead protection areas with oil, gas, and UIC well locations. In Mississippi, oil and gas operators are using the available GIS maps and aerial photos on the agency Web site to do more prospecting online. In Ohio, the Department of Natural Resources uses RBDMS Data Mining application to serve oil and gas data reports for public viewing. All of the agencies using the Data Mining Web application are reporting a drop in calls to the office for information that is now available online.

The Web application features a three-pane interactive display. In the Search pane, key word entry returns results matching those criteria for multiple entity types (e.g., wells, permits, leases, companies, etc.). An advanced search is available for users who are more comfortable with SQL queries. The Map pane offers a server-neutral GIS with customizable layers. Clicking a result in the Search pane moves the map and fills the Details pane. Details are reported through clickable links to allow stream-of-consciousness navigation.

The ability to down load files sets in csv or Excel structured files allows the user to create a dataset to bring back to their computer for further analysis.

Try It...

You can view and use representative installations of the Data Mining application at the following sites: