Electronic Reporting

eReport is the GWPC's highly successful Web application that industry operators use to report oil and gas production and UIC data directly to agency databases. eReport uses a database-neutral XML format for such information transfers. The eReport schema, now in version 3.6, is a recommended standard of the API.

Data transactions that involve manual data entry and error checking are expensive for both industry and regulating agencies, and the cost can be measured in terms of the associated delays in critical decisions affecting other aspects of oil field operation and development processes. To help, the GWPC developed eReport, a multi-tiered, Internet-based solution for regulatory reporting. Although user interfaces and required data differ among the agencies as a result of statutory differences, these agencies can use the same unifying format, eReport.

eReport eliminates rework loops for both the operator and the agency stemming from incomplete or incorrectly formatted submittals. eReport applications have built-in multi-level data validations, so formatting and other errors are flagged as operators complete the forms. The application also checks to make sure that required fields are filled in, valid codes and data ranges are reported, end-of-month and beginning-of-month inventories match, and disposition accounting is correct. Operators find out the moment they file whether their reports pass the agency's automated data validation checks through clear status messages and error reporting.This streamlined reporting process thus reduces the cost and time for regulatory compliance and helps states capture revenues due from oil and gas activity.

Agencies can choose the eReport.NET application interface offered to their industry operators for regulatory reporting. Typically, these have included downloadable desktop applications paired with a web service that provides spreadsheet-like data entry forms with built-in data formatting checks or a Web application.