Field Inspection

Now in Use...

A variety of field inspection options are available to RBDMS agencies. Merge replication with RBDMS.NET is allowing field agents to have the same access to data in the field as they have in the office in such agencies as the Mississippi State Oil and Gas Board. Other agencies, such as the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, are using RBDMS eForm technology in the field.

Mobile Application Development

Photo shows regulator standing in front of a pump jack.

The GWPC also is now planning the development of a mobile application for tablet based devices that will use the internal GPS location to display a map of nearby oil, gas, and UIC wells. Dubbed the OG Explorer, the application will feature a map component that will track the mobile device and update the display of well points as the location changes. The OG Explorer will be an important tool for agency staff in conducting field inspections.

Prior to going to the field the inspector will down load his/her assigned areas and synchronize it with the tablet. While out in the field if there is sufficient connectivity the inspector will operate in a real time manner on live data. If there is no signal the staff will work on the stored file and once back in their office upload the inspection for supervisory review. While in the field the inspector will have information on the well's identification such as an API or permit number, type (oil, gas, UIC, etc.), status (active, plugged, etc.), operator contact information, recent production with a link to detailed production history, and results of previous inspections.

The system is currently in testing in Nebraska.